Car accessories

Pet Mat

Special design for your beloved pets
Keep your seats clean and prevent scratching
Easy to install and clean
Multi-funtion design
Waterproofing mat
Picnic mat


Good product with peace of mind and convenience. Multifunctional design. It can be used as a rear compartment mat or as a pet mat flat on your car. In addition, it can also be used as a picnic mat. The surface of the product is waterproof and anti-fouling


Multi-purpose design
Pet mats, antifouling mats, picnic mats; can be used in or out of the car
Collect hair
The unique design can concentrate pet hair in the pet mat without flying randomly
Protect driving safety
Intimate design allows pets to have space to move from the front seat and will not run around and affect driving safety
Easy to install and store
It can be installed and stored in just a few simple steps
Waterproof and antifouling
Special waterproof processing is used to prevent pet body fluids from penetrating and soiling the seats in the car
Wear-resistant and flame-resistant
Abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant and strengthened in accordance with the requirements of car interiors, safe and worry-free
Protect the car interior
Special design can prevent pet claws from damaging the interior of the car




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