Waterproof membrane is used for foundation waterproofing of construction engineering

November 05,2021
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The height of the building design and the total weight of the materials determine the depth of the foundation, and the deeper foundation determines the area in contact with the groundwater level. In addition, moisture-proof and waterproofing of the ground foundation of the factory is also very important. In some areas, there may be anti-moisture phenomena due to the change of seasons. The appearance of moisture may cause damage to the finished products in the factory.

Waterproof membrane applied to foundation waterproofing

Construction stage

In the construction stage, the following factors can be considered to consider the waterproof design and materials:

  • Discharge slope around the foundation
  • Strength and type of soil around the foundation
  • Design of foundation drainage system
  • The strength and type of foundation building materials
  • Overall design architecture

Foundation waterproofing method

  • waterproof materials
  • Seamless liquid membrane
  • Hybrid system architecture
  • Concrete mixed with moisture-proof crystalline material
  • Surface moisture-proof paint after foundation construction
  • other

The impact of the foundation waterproofing is not done well

  • Cause paint peeling inside the building
  • Reduced hardware facility life
  • Product and mechanical damage caused by anti-moisture
  • Mold and germ growth
  • Corrosion of metal materials
  • Items made of wood are easy to corrode
  • Damp and unpleasant smell
  • Long-term leakage causes structural cracks
  • Weathering of cement or powdery coagulum

The benefits of waterproofing membrane as a foundation waterproofing option

  • Excellent tensile and tear strength.
  • Resistance to pollutants in the upper and lower layers of the foundation, including various acid and alkali substances.
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance of various water sources under the foundation.
  • The water content is extremely low, preventing various reverse seepage and leakage problems.
  • Easy to install, and easy to detect leaks and repair them in time.

Our waterproof membranes will undergo rigorous internal quality control inspections before they leave the factory, and for different construction conditions, there will also be verifications by third-party laboratories. For detailed inspection items, you can refer to our catalog or negotiate directly with us.


Modern foundation waterproofing projects usually adopt composite structures. The outsole structure of waterproof membrane has been adopted by many engineering units. In addition to physical considerations, the ease of construction and maintenance can reduce many costs. Of course, the combined application of various materials is also very important, such as the selection and design of reinforced cement, the material strength and embedment of water pipelines, and the use of waterproof coatings on the floor surface in the later stage.


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