Introduction to PVC Waterstop Band

April 07,2021
Waterstop band are commonly used in various construction projects, mainly installed in concrete structures or various structural projects that require water retention, to provide the best internal waterproof mechanism. The raw material of the water stop is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is soft and elastic and can be cut according to different angles of construction. It is convenient for construction and is one of the indispensable materials for construction projects today.

Characteristics of water stop band

The raw material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is tough and flexible, and can be cut according to the construction angle, and welded with a welding torch and a soft electrode. It has a certain degree of chemical resistance and is resistant to acids, alkalis, and salts. It has a certain degree of resistance and is not easy to be corroded and damaged in the concrete structure within the scope of the construction in compliance with the specification.

The anti-aging degree of the water stop bands comes from the physical properties of its own PVC. It has high elasticity, high stretch, weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, and low water absorption, and can withstand high pressure and impact caused by natural disasters.


How the water stop band works

Because of its softness and toughness, the water stop band can be buried in concrete to act as a waterproof line of defense. The typical water stop band is at the central circle
Two symmetrical wings like wings are extended. The purpose of these two extensions is to block the source of water leakage and allow the water source to extend to two places to reduce damage to the building structure.

The water stop band in the huge construction project is more flexible to overcome the rigidity, facing the thermal expansion and contraction of the joints, or the irregular changes of the foundation, earthquakes, and other influences, so as to reduce the probability of damage to the building. Although the water stop band is very durable in the building structure, it is easily affected during the construction process. Sharp steel bars, cement blocks, and construction equipment may damage the water stop band. If the water stop band is not compacted with concrete, It is easy to shift the concrete structure and cause leakage at other non-joints.


Application field of water stop band

  • Public construction: highways, viaducts, tunnels, oil depots, reservoirs, dams, irrigation projects, etc.
  • People's livelihood buildings: foundations, building joints, balconies, underground water tanks, residential projects, commercial building projects, etc.
  • Industrial buildings: chemical plants, steel mills, incinerators, wastewater treatment plants, power plants, nuclear power plants, shipyards, docks, etc.

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