Implementing the 0 Pollution Policy: Recycled ECO Pallet

April 01,2022
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In response to the global trend of environmental protection and the issue of carbon neutrality, Singform implements a zero-pollution policy, and recycles product scraps, scraps, defective products and other materials to give new life, so there is a "Recycled ECO Pallet".

Towards a zero-pollution industry

Raw material recovery capacity

Singform's product line is very diverse. Products include car floor mats, commercial/people's livelihood floor mats, waterproof membranes, PVC waterstops, etc. The residual materials and scraps generated in the production process will be converted into green products with economic value .

Self-made raw materials

Almost all of Singform's plastic raw materials can be manufactured independently, relying on complete machinery and equipment, experienced development technicians and the courage to open up new challenges. Therefore, the waste generated in various production lines can be recycled and made into various plastic particles.

First wave of recycled products

Various product wastes are pulverized and made into different types of plastic particles, and the long-shaped pallet materials with good physical properties are produced by the extrusion method. After cutting and combining them, a sturdy and durable eco-friendly pallet can be produced. Recycled plastic pallets are resistant to oil, acid and alkali, flame, insects, drainage, and anti-slip. They are also more durable than ordinary wooden pallets, and can also reduce the cost of replacing pallets.


Environmental pallets are just an important commitment and action of Singform to realize environmental protection issues. In order to implement the zero-pollution policy and deal with future carbon neutrality issues, our strong self-made raw materials can not only recycle resources, but also have the spare capacity to cooperate with other companies for plastic materials. Remanufacturing products so that companies exporting to European and American countries have the advantage of being more ahead of others in the environment of trade regulations where environmental protection policies are constantly changing.


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