PVC vs. Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane: Which is more suitable for your building?

April 01,2023

When buildings need to be waterproofed, PVC waterproofing membrane and asphalt waterproofing membrane are two common choices. In this post, we will compare the pros and cons of these two waterproofing membranes to help you make an informed choice when making your decision.

1. Material composition

PVC waterproofing membrane is made of polyvinyl chloride, while bitumen waterproofing membrane is composed of bitumen, elastomer and fiber materials. PVC waterproofing membranes have good chemical stability and weather resistance, so they are generally more durable than bitumen waterproofing membranes.

2. Installation

PVC waterproofing membrane and bitumen waterproofing membrane differ in installation. PVC waterproofing membranes can be installed by hot gas welding or chemical welding, while bitumen waterproofing membranes need to be installed using flame or hot gas. Since the installation of bitumen waterproofing membrane requires the use of flame, the installation process needs to pay attention to safety issues.

3. Durability

PVC waterproofing membranes generally have better durability than bitumen waterproofing membranes. PVC waterproofing membranes can withstand higher temperatures, while bitumen waterproofing membranes are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays and high temperatures. In addition, PVC waterproofing membrane is not easy to chemical corrosion, while asphalt waterproofing membrane is easily eroded by acids, alkalis and other substances.

4. Maintenance

PVC waterproofing membranes and bitumen waterproofing membranes are also different in terms of maintenance. Because PVC waterproofing membranes are more durable, their maintenance costs are usually lower. During maintenance, it is only necessary to clean and check whether the surface of the PVC waterproof membrane is cracked or damaged. Asphalt waterproofing membrane needs to be regularly coated with waterproof coating for maintenance.

5. Price

The price of PVC waterproofing membrane is usually higher than that of bitumen waterproofing membrane. This is due to the higher production cost of PVC waterproofing membrane, and at the same time the service life of PVC waterproofing membrane is also longer.

In general, PVC waterproofing membranes are more suitable for buildings that need long-term protection than asphalt waterproofing membranes. Although the price of PVC waterproofing membrane may be higher, it may be more economical in the long run considering its longer life and lower maintenance costs. Bitumen waterproofing membranes, on the other hand, are more suitable for short-term or low-cost projects. In addition, it should be noted that other factors should also be considered when choosing a waterproof membrane, such as environmental factors, building type, engineering complexity, etc. Therefore, before making a decision, you should consult with a professional building waterproofing company to ensure that you choose the waterproofing membrane that best suits your needs.

In summary, PVC waterproofing membrane and asphalt waterproofing membrane have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the waterproofing of buildings, it is necessary to select the most suitable waterproof membrane according to the specific situation to achieve the best waterproof effect.


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