Waterproof building materials

TPO Waterproofing Membrane

0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 3.0 mm
Superior abrasion resistance, good puncture resistance
Weather resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, and low-temperature resistance
Chemical resistance (acid, alkali, and alcohol solvent)
Large elongation, strong deformability
High mechanical strength, superior physical properties
No plasticizer ingredients


TPO thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer is a sheet-like thermoplastic rubber elastomer material made of rubber (Rubber) and polyolefin (Polyolefin), using advanced polymerization technology and specific formulations; polyolefin components are mainly polypropylene (PP) and polyolefin Ethylene (PE). TPO waterproof membrane is a non-toxic, harmless and light green environmental protection material.

Application: Leak-proof works of buildings, sky gardens, reservoirs, rainwater recovery systems, breeding ponds


Thickness Width Layers Length Color
1.5/2.0mm 1.2~2.0m Single 20~30m/roll Black / Gary
2.0mm 1.2~2.0m Double 20~30m/roll Black / Gary
2.0mm 1.2~2.0m Double layers laminated with PET 20~30m/roll Black / Gary


Project performance of waterproof membrane:

  1. Tunnel engineering: Suhuagai Zhongren Tunnel, Xindian Ankeng Tunnel, Section 4 of Taichung Road from Fengyuan to Tanzi

  2. Outsole moisture-proof: Dibao Industrial Changhua and Xinying new factory building, Guotian Xingye new factory building, etc.

  3. Landscape engineering: Taifeng Stadium pool, "Kaohsiung Liugui Xinwei Forest Park" landscape pool, etc.

  4. Roof waterproofing: Refurbishment of relocation facilities for the Army's supply branch, Hualien Shoufeng Township Kindergarten, etc.

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