Car Mats

Zig Zag Car mats (Depress Edge)

PVC / PVC backing
High quality, tailor-made, high design flexibility
Super dust collection and water lock function
Patented nail bottom and safety buckle design
Odorless, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic material
European RoHS regulatory certification


Singform designed this high-functional car mat, which fully meets the needs of users for car mats, with high-efficiency water-locking, dust-collecting functions, non-toxic,and odorless. The design of the bottom nail and safety buckle avoids the safety concerns of sliding when stepping on it. It is an exquisite, practical, professional, and safe foot mat design
  • Specification

Material  Vehicle Model  Backing Surface
PVC Customize(depend on the needs) PCV anti-slip nail bottom Zig-Zag shape PVC mat


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