Waterproof building materials

PVC Water stop band

0.6 / 1.1 mm
Easy to cut and install
Tough and resilient
Effectively isolate water
Anti-acid, test, salt


The PVC water stop is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which is convenient for construction and can be cut with a utility knife. It can be welded with a welding torch and a soft electrode; it is not rusty and corrosion-resistant, tough and elastic, and can be buried in concrete. It is tightly connected, and it is not corroded by acid, seizure, salt, and other factors.
  • Specification

Item Spec Width Thickness h d # of peak
WS-A1 150 X 4 150±4.5mm 4.0±0.5 10 10±2  more than 4
WS-A3 220 X 9 220±5.0mm 9.0±0.9 16 18±2 10以上 or over