Industrial Safety

Multi-Purpose Mat

Custom Surface / PVC backing
Different types of top carpets are interchangeable for various applications
Effectively absorb petroleum-based liquids with oil absorbing fabric liner
Perfect for industrial environments,commercial applications and kitchens
Easy to install and clean
Fits all kinds of surfaces
Low profile to reduce tripping


The Multi-Purpose Mat is specially designed for industrial use. The surface is made of strong oil absorbing material. The disposable design allows the dirty carpet surface to be quickly removed and replaced. The Multi-Purpose Mat uses PVC as the bottom. The anti-skid effect is remarkable, and the safety and cleanliness of the working environment are increased.

Applicable locations: factories, maintenance centers, kitchens, computer rooms

  • Application

  • Specification

Surface Backing Weight Thickness dimension(cm)
Depends on carpets used PVC 4.1 ± 0.33kg/m2 9.3 ± 0.7mm 90 × 150

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