Industrial Safety

Mineral Coating Mat

Mineral Coating / Oil Resistant PVC
Highest slip resistance standards
Grease, oil and water-resistant
Perfect for industrial environments and kitchens
Easy to install and clean
Fits all kinds of surfaces
Low profile to reduce tripping


The main function of Mineral Coating Mat is to prevent the staff from slipping and getting injured in the working environment full of grease and oil. The non-slip PVC base material is combined with coarse-grained emery so that Mineral Coating Mat can provide excellent anti-slip ability even in greasy and slippery working environments. Mineral Coating Mat is also water resistance, oil resistance, and grease resistance, and can be laid in almost all working environments.

Suitable location: industrial environment, restaurant kitchen, central kitchen, repair center, food factory, etc... greasy environment

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  • Specification

Surface material Backing Weight Thickness Rolls(cm)
Mineral Coating Oil Resistant PVC 2.6±0.15kg/m2 2.25±0.2mm 90×600;90×1200

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