Industrial Safety

Cross Mat

Highest slip resistance standards
Grease, oil and water resistant
Perfect for industrial environments and kitchens
Easy to install and clean
Fits all kinds of surfaces
Low profile to reduce tripping


The Cross Mat uses a special stripping technology to perfectly combine recycled materials and new materials, making Cross Mat a very environmentally friendly mat. The staggered stacking method creates the space between the ground and the sole, so that dirt and sewage can be quickly removed. The Cross Mat has two different embossed patterns so that its surface has an excellent anti-slip ability. Laying the Cross Mat on the ground can maintain a dry and non-slip safe working environment at any time.

Suitable location: humid working environment, bathroom, kitchen, livestock farm, commercial entrance
  • Application

  • Specification

Material Color Thickness Rolls(cm)
PVC Red; Blue; Grey; Black 12 ± 1.0mm  60×600; 60×1000; 90×600
90×1000; 120×600; 120×1000
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