The benefits of using waterproof membrane construction:TPO waterproofing membrane

March 17,2021

What is TPO?

Compared with other products of different materials, TPO waterproofing membranes is a new type of waterproof material. TPO is composed of rubber and polyolefin. It is not chlorine-free and plasticizers are not used in the production process. It is a non-toxic and harmless material for processing and polymerization.

Characteristics of TPO

TPO waterproofing membranes has a history of more than 20 years in Europe and the United States. It is currently the fastest growing waterproof material in the market. It has the advantages of EDPM and PVC, light weight, good weather resistance, good low temperature resistance and can be heat welded. Well received by the market. Because it is not affected by the time migration of plasticizers, the material properties are relatively stable, so it is more durable in terms of physical data. In addition, TPO has gradually surpassed other products in the market share of waterproofing membranes due to its excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, good puncture resistance, good elongation, and low average cost of application.

Green TPO

In addition to being non-toxic and harmless, TPO's raw material characteristics allow it to be completely recycled and reused, so it is a green and environmentally friendly waterproof material. The white TPO waterproofing membranes has a UV reflectance above the average value in international verification. If you want to reduce the cost of maintaining the air conditioning in the building, laying the white TPO membranes on the roof is excellent Choose, and the recommended application scope includes building leakproof works, sky gardens, reservoirs, rainwater recovery systems, breeding ponds, etc.


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