Sharky Mat

PP / PVC backing
The highest level of mud scraping
All-weather PP surface
Good drainage effect
High quality and durable
Good anti-slip effect


The carpet surface of the shark mat is made of Singform's PP fiber. The strong and sturdy PP material characteristics make the carpet surface have the most excellent mud scraping effect. The yarns of different colors are stacked by the stacking method, so that the carpet surface has a jagged texture, and the mud scraping effect is even better. Sharky mat is used Singform's PVC as the backing, which has an excellent anti-slip effect. It is suitable for places with a large flow of people.

Suitable locations: commercial buildings, house entrance, shops entrance, agricultural greenhouses, entrances and exits with high pedestrian flow
  • Application

  • Specification

Surface Backing Weight Thickness Mats(cm) Rolls(cm)
PP PVC 3.68 ± 0.4 kg/m2 7.2 ± 0.5 mm 45 x 60 ; 45 x 75 ; 60 x 90
90 x 120 ; 90 x 150 ; 120 x 180

90x1200 ; 90 x 1800 ; 120 x 1200 ;
120 x 1800 ; 180 x1800

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