Cleanmax Mat

PP + PET / Rubber backing
Excellent mud scraping effect
Good anti-slip effect with a rubber backing
Designed for high traffic areas
Three-dimensional rubber backing
The blanket does not collapse


The cleanmax mat is designed for high traffic areas. In addition to the PP and PET material used on the surface of the carpet, the backing of the CleanMax mat is made of 3D rubber. The raised patterns on the carpet surface are filled with 3D raised rubber. After years of treading, due to the rubber backing, the high and low patterns of the carpet still exist, and the textures will not be flattened by the long-term treading. the function of removing mud still reliable.

Suitable locations: transportation bases, railway stations, airports, public areas, commercial and office buildings
  • Application 

  • Specification

Surface Backing Weight Thickness Colors Rolls(cm)
PP + PET Rubber 3.779 ± 0.15 kg/m2 10.5 ± 0.5 mm Black, Red, Brown 180 x1800

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