Disinfection Mat

Custom material
Check for regional security
Effective retention of disinfectant
Combine disinfection and mud scraping
Size customization


The disinfection mat is laid together with the absorbent mat to form a disinfection checkpoint between the inside and outside of the area. First, the disinfection mat is laid at the front and the disinfectant is sprayed on the surface, and then the absorbent mat is laid to complete the sole disinfection checkpoint. After the visitor steps on the first disinfection mat, the sole of the shoe touches the disinfectant and then steps on the absorbent mat to remove the excess disinfectant and dirt on the absorbent mat. After passing, the soles of visitors' shoes will be clean, non-toxic, and dry. To do the safest check in the area.

Suitable locations: corporate gate, employee entrance, factory entrance, office entrance