Stripe Mat

PP + PET / PVC backing
Effectively removes debris, dirt and mud
Elegant design perfect for commercial uses
Dries quickly
Suitable for high volume pedestrian areas
Easy to clean


The Stripe carpet is the most classic and common doormat. The inline raised carpet surface can remove most of the sludge and dirt. The concave carpet surface can quickly drain the water scraped from the sole. The striped high and low carpet surface creates effective decontamination and drainage. The choice of a variety of colors on the carpet surface is enough to meet the use of different venues. The striped blanket-style doormat can be seen everywhere.

Applicable locations: home use, entrance, office entrance , garage, suitable for both inside and outside
  • Application

  •  Specification

Surface Backing Weight Thickness Mats(cm) Rolls(cm)
PP + PET PVC 3.45 ± 0.17kg/m2(Rolls) ;
3.60 ± 0.50kg/m2(Mats)
9.0 ± 1.0mm 45x60    ; 45x75    ;  60x90 
90x120  ; 90x150  ; 120x180
90x1200 ; 90x1800 ; 120x1200
120x1800 ; 180x1800

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