Water Absorption Mat

Custom material
Good water and oil absorption
Printed customized surface
Use with disinfection blanket
Can be replaced and reused
Maintain a clean working environment
Prevent workers from slipping


The special non-woven blanket used in the Water Absorbent Mat has excellent water and oil absorption capacity, which can absorb excess oil and sewage that fall on the ground in the working environment, maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the laying site, and reduce the chance of accidental slippage and injury of the staff. The carpet surface of the Water Absorbent Mat is a consumable item. You can quickly replace the carpet surface to remove the dirty carpet. The Water Absorbent MAt can also be matched with the Disinfection Mat to establish disinfection checkpoints inside and outside the area.

Suitable locations: with Disinfection Mat, kitchens, repair shops, restaurants, studios
▼Disinfection Mat usage and cleaning maintenance (use of Water Absorption Mat included)▼

▼Water Absorption Mat(Water absorption test video)▼


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